FamilySearch has been a very useful tool in the work with Kilane family. Here you can enter data about their own family, and avail themselves of relevant family history research performed by others or by the entries made by FamilySearch (from parish registers or census). When it comes to Kilane-genus, it may be referred to the Indexing for more details in the strain history. Here is the stored data about the year of birth, creator, marriage, slektsrelasjoner, and also data about slektshistorien further back than that which has been our main focus on this website.

FamilySearch is a nonprofit genealogical organization to a significant extent driven by the voluntary work. The organization sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (mormon church). They have since the end of the 1800s used the large financial and human resources to build up the family history library which makes genealogical sources available free to the public. The main library in Salt Lake City, "the Family History Library", is the world's largest family history library.

It is free to register and free to be use on FamilySearch. You need to sign in to take advantage of the resources in the FamilySearch (press on the logo above). To log on, one needs only a minimum of personal information, an email address, a username and a password of your choice. Commercial family history actors require payment for their services, while Indexing their resources are free.

There are several types of viewing on a family pedigrees, either the traditional – sideways (landscape) or vertical (portrait) or a vifteformet tablet (fan chart) as it is pretty prints. Examples of these below:

Example of "Portrait pedigree"

Example of the "Fan chart"