Østen and Kari

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Kari Jonsdtr. Eiane and Øystein Torgeirson Kilane


Kari Jonsdtr. Eiane and Øystein Torgeirson Kilane (mother and father of Johan). Photo from Harriet Kilane Garborg

The 20-year-old Øystein Torgeirsen married in 1855 the next door girl Kari Jonesdtr Outer Eiadn in Hjelmeland. She was three years older than him. They were married for 60 years until she died in 1915, and they got 9 children between 1856 and 1874. See more here.

Øystein Kiladn was interested in Christian mission. He left behind in 1923 receipts for gifts of kr 100 to both The Norwegian Mission Society and to Lappemisjonen ("the Otterbechske" mission). He was also helper for the local priest in the early 1870s. Øystein Kiladn died in great prosperity. Jørgen Aas remember that he was at the funeral of his, which lasted over two days. A couple of years before Øystein took over the farm in 1855, his father had canceled the old privilige of the sawmill of 1817. It was done in a tingslysning (registration) of 1853. A new law of 1818 gave sawmill owners permission to saw boards, which Torger could use in the future. Øystein are in 1891 mentioned as "sawmill owner" in addition to farmer, which probably indicates that he had installed circular saw at the sawmill. He sawed also for his own use, and in the early 1860s had Øystein built both new store and new farmhouse; both was finished around 1863. [1]

In 1913 Erfjord was separated from Jelsa commune. Until 1913, it was joint board in Jelsa and Erfjord commune. Øystein Kilane was a member of the joint board in two periods, from 1860 [2]:


Kari and Øystein's children and children-in-law (click to see larger image); the design from "FamilySearch".



Kari (?) in her older days

  Gravestone of Kari Jonsdtr Kilane


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[2] Erfjord Bygdebok, by Våge (1959)